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Semester Each fall/spring semester includes 18 weeks (18 lessons or 18 classes). See the calendar for start and ending dates as well as holidays. Summer semester includes 3 or 6 weeks. Lessons Lessons register prior to the start of the semester, and remain at the same time and day every week unless both parties agree to a temporary or permanent change. Classes Classes remain at the same time and day every week as scheduled at registration. 8-Week Classes (As specified in the Lesson and Class Descriptions) Eight-week classes register prior to the start of the course with payment due at the first class. Attendance/Tardiness Students are expected to attend every lesson, arriving on time. If a student arrives late, the missed time will not be compensated. Missed Private Lessons Up to 2 missed lessons per semester may be made up. If a third lesson is missed, it will not be made up. There are no refunds for missed lessons. In the event of a missed lesson, please notify Amanda Combs as soon as possible. Make-up lessons will occur during daytime hours on weekdays or on designated make-up days (see calendar). Additional make-up days will not be added. Missed Classes Due to the nature of the course, missed classes cannot be made up. There are no refunds for missed classes. Payments Each semester covers 5 months. Payments are monthly payments toward the semester cost and do not change with the number of weeks per month. By registering, each student (or legal guardian) commits to paying for the full semester, even if the student does not finish the semester. The first monthly payment for each semester is due at the time of registration. The following monthly payments are due the first week of each month at the time of lesson/class. Late payments may be subject to a $20 late fee. Payments are accepted via cash, check (made out to “Amanda Combs” or “HopeSong Music Studio”), or PayPal (amandakcombs@gmail.com). In the event of a NSF (bounced) check, a fee of $20 will be charged in addition to the original payment amount. After 2 NSF checks, only cash will be accepted. If a student must discontinue lessons or classes after pre-payment, no refunds will be made. Upon exiting the vocal studio, all fees must be paid in full. In the event legal action should become necessary to enforce payment of any charges, the student (or legal guardian) is responsible for all reasonable attorney’s fees and costs incurred. Additional costs may include but are not limited to printed sheet music/published books, digital song downloads, CDs, binders, etc. Materials Each student is recommended to maintain a notebook for lessons including songs and/or book, and a practice log. Students may be asked to obtain charts, sheet music or other physical or audio music relating to their lesson. Any such relevant materials should be easily accessible during each lesson. Practice Each student is expected to practice 5 days a week. The practice material and time per day will be specified after each lesson or class. Parents or guardians are asked to encourage students on their musical journey. Recitals Each semester will conclude with a recital as specified in the Class Descriptions. Recitals are not required. A student enrolled in private lessons or specified classes will NOT be eligible for recital under the following circumstances: 1.) He/she has not attended a minimum of 13 lessons or 14 classes in that semester, 2.) He/she has not been deemed “recital-ready” by the instructor. Image The student and/or legal guardian (if under the age of 18) gives HopeSong Music Studio permission to use their image (physical and audio) in published material, including but not limited to pamphlets, the HopeSong Music Studio website, and the HopeSong Music Studio Facebook page. I, the student or legal guardian of this student under the age of 18, agree to the HopeSong Music Studio Policy.